Explore Burlington County’s new Rancocas Creek Greenway

Burlington County formally opened the 4-mile Rancocas Creek Greenway in September. This trail stretches from Amico Island where the Rancocas Creek meets the Delaware River into Riverside, then across a bridge spanning the Rancocas Creek and into Delanco, then along the creek and past an over-55 neighborhood to beautiful Pennington Park.

How cool would it be to have this trail behind your neighborhood?

The greenway is a mix of new asphalt, new bridges and some on-road sections. It’s pretty chill along the creek, and it’s got some pretty cool infrastructure features too. You’re also not far from a couple of RiverLine stations. Signage is impressive too (though we did miss one sign on the on-road section because of tree branches).

It’s part of the Greater Philadelphia Circuit Trails (a target of 500 miles by 2025 and 800 miles by 2040!), another segment in the Delaware River Heritage Trail (here’s a fabulous section 14 miles north) and a small segment is already included in the East Coast Greenway‘s alternative route in New Jersey between Trenton and Camden/Philadelphia. (Read my ride reports here and here.) If you want to ride between the two trail sections of the Delaware River Heritage Trail, you can read about my experience here.

Did I say creek? Rancocas Creek looks wide enough to be a river at this end!

Where do you go from Pennington Park? It’s time to hit the road for now. But the vision is to extend this trail about 30 miles east across Burlington County to the border with Ocean County.

That will be amazing.

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