This fabulous new bike trail in Burlington County is finally officially open

I’ve been waiting for this lovely section of the Delaware River Heritage Trail to formally open. It finally has.

I’ve raved about the new trail from Crystal Lake Park to Roebling before — while it was under construction, while the railroad crossing was being finished … it even made my list of 5 great Central Jersey trails before it was formally finished.

So what more can I add? Beyond go. And offer up more photos to help tempt you.

Oh, and it needs a better name than what the planners called it … the Route 130 Bypass (because it thankfully gets you off a busy, dangerous road). Is it being part of the Delaware River Heritage Trail enough or do these 5 miles need their own branding? Maybe an historical reference to the Roebling bridge-builders?

I’m guessing more than 50 people showed up for today’s ribbon-cutting in Crystal Lake Park, and not just locals. I had some amazing conversations with trail-lovers who, like us, drove a half-hour or so to be there. I saw all kinds of bikes, from the usual road bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes to a beach cruiser, an adult tricycle and a stand-up three-wheeler that involves a side-to-side motion (and is a workout going uphill). What a message for elected officials that trails are loved! And what a sight to see all those people on bikes heading out!

We biked to Roebling, where the town was out for the annual bit-late Fourth of July parade on what they call Patriots Day (including an area Olympian – congrats! – and bagpipers playing “America the Beautiful), and it was free admission to the Roebling Museum. This family not only built the Brooklyn Bridge but provided the cables for the Golden Gate Bridge. Oh, months ahead of schedule thanks to some ingenius technology they devised. A great story.

Is this how they tightened bolts on bridges in the days before electric everything?!?

More trail images:

This is how you avoid U.S. 130.
Time to dismount and look both ways.

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A gardener (along with the Brit) who has discovered there is more than hybrid tomatoes. And a cyclist.

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