Day 4 — 41 miles from Bangor to Unity

ecg dysarts breakfastAnd that includes one detour for ice cream and a second detour for a dip in a lake.

Today was an easy day — officially just 38 miles on the East Coast Greenway and only 1,857 feet of climbing. So it was all about the food. I know — I kind of said that yesterday too. Sorry. And then we cyclists wonder why we come home heavier than when we left.

The hotel’s breakfast was skimpy, so we stopped at a Maine institution about 5 miles along the route for proper fuel. Dysart’s is a truck stop with a diner attached. There was this, for example:

ecg barb with gooey cinnamon roll

(don’t freak out — it was shared among 10 of us)

.. and this:

ecg helen and dysarts pancake

So our blueberry cobbler was really quite modest by comparison:ecg dysarts blueberry cobblerI can’t say the same about our $3.75 ice creams:

ecg chris and ice cream

But hey, that was lunch! (The chocolate loves chocolate flavor is really good, by the way).

ecg ice cream trio

Others in the group are so jealous that they’ve gone — by car! — to get some just before dinner (don’t tell their moms!).

Oh … the lake? They were jealous of that too. Hey, bike tours are as much about the stops as about the destination.

It was soooo shallow that I got this far from shore before the water first reached my knees:

ecg unity pond shallow

And the water was so warm, it felt like a bathtub.

Saw some fish too:

ecg fish in unity pond

And a parting shot:

ecg unity pond

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A gardener (along with the Brit) who has discovered there is more than hybrid tomatoes. And a cyclist.
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