Fredericksburg, Va., to Raleigh, N.C.

The 2015 route along the East Coast Greenway picks up where the 2014 ride ended and takes us through Virginia and North Carolina. It’s a part of the country I really don’t know. I’m expecting to stop a lot for barbecue and Civil War battlefields.

Day 1: 68 miles from Fredericksburg to Richmond. Here’s my ride report.

Day 2: 31 miles from Richmond to Petersburg. What we saw tracing the final days of the Confederacy.

Day 3: 80 miles from Petersburg to South Hill. We cut the last Confederate supply line as we headed south.

Day 4: 37 miles from South Hill west to Clarksville, Va. Lots of hills.

Day 5: 59 miles from Clarksville to Durham, N.C. We made it to a new state.

Day 6: 49 miles from Durham to Raleigh. Love those Triangle trails.

If you’d like to support me on the ride, here’s the fundraising page.

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