Discovering an elaborate marble-covered Hindu temple in central New Jersey

It was 60 degrees in January. We had to go for a bike ride.

When it tops 60 degrees in January, how do you not go for a bike ride? And so we did, riding a loop of nearly 20 miles with the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Robbinsville as our midway destination.

A mandir is a Hindu temple, and this one is immense — I would call it the equivalent of a cathedral. It’s been open for about 5 1/2 years and is part of a five-building complex still under construction. Like a cathedral, you can come in for services, pray on your own or just gawk at marble carvings.

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A peek inside the high-tech world of an Amazon warehouse (by bike, of course)

We took a free tour of our local Amazon warehouse (I mean fulfillment center).

We picked an unusual bike-ride destination this time: our nearby Amazon warehouse, er, I mean fulfillment center.

Ads for (free) Amazon tours have been popping up in my Twitter feed for a while, so when I saw one for a Saturday that worked for us, I pounced. (Pro tip for all my retired friends: weekday tour spots are much easier to get.)

First, the bike part, and I don’t mean whether we were able to get there on low-traffic roads (we were, 11 miles each way). How bike-friendly would Amazon be? We had no idea where we’d be able to leave our bikes — locked to a pole? Turns out this site has two sets of bike racks. The wavy kind, not my preferred upside-down U ones (two touch points for the frame), but still, bike racks. Unfortunately, Amazon employees may not think the same way I do because our bikes were the only ones there. Hopefully we inspired a few.

I know — you’re really more curious about the warehouse. Simply, it was fascinating.

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