Four Seasons (Total Landscaping) to Four Seasons (Hotel) — a Philadelphia bike ride

The “Fraud Street Run” is a great opportunity to check out some Philadelphia trails.

Should anyone be surprised that someone came up with the crazy inspiration of a route between these two Philadelphia news-making sites in this crazy election month?

It started out as a disorganized run for charity between Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the site of that Rudy Giuliani press conference in a gritty industrial section of northeastern Philadelphia, and the glamorous Four Seasons Hotel in Center City (the place you know they really wanted, or at least the guy at the top wanted). They called it the Fraud Street Run, a riff on Philly’s Broad Street Run.

But of course people wanted to bike it too. Like us. It just sounded crazy enough to be fun. (Here’s the “race” report in the Philadelphia Inquirer.)

You can download someone’s route on Ride With GPS or try this:

We had our own variation, but doing it in both directions exposed us to different trails (and trails under development) along the Philadelphia waterfront. One day this will be an amazing place to bike. Even by 2025 (or maybe 2026?), it should be so, so much better.

So what did we see?

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