Day 3 on Eurovelo 8 in France: We reach Narbonne

On Day 3 of our short DIY bike ride along Eurovelo 8, we pedaled from Beziers to Narbonne.

The first question of the day: how do we get back to the Canal du Midi?

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Day 2 on Eurovelo 8 in France: Sete to Beziers

We reach the Canal du Midi halfway through this 3-day DIY bike ride in France.

The goal on this day is to meet friends for dinner in Beziers. Along the way, though, my goal is to reflexively say Bonjour Madame/Monsieur every time I enter a shop or otherwise approach someone. After all, one of these friends has explained, not doing this is considered the height of rudeness (and why perhaps Americans in France are seen as rude, not the other way around.) I know I was a bit remiss on Day 1.

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Eurovelo 8: Montpellier to Narbonne in 3 days

You can plan your own bike ride along Eurovelo 8 in France. Here’s how.

It’s hot, the sun is beating down, we’re maybe halfway through our first day on Eurovelo 8, and I’m sick of the taste of Isostar (Europe’s Gatorade) in my water bottle. All three of us are looking for water.

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