Lawrence Hopewell Trail’s Full Moon Ride is back!

I love the Lawrence Hopewell Trail but haven’t been on its Full Moon Ride in – gulp! – five years. Time to go back!

This year it’s July 9, so earlier than in the past. It’s become much more elaborate than the first one, where we happily rode the loop (was it really 6 miles?) several times but that’s all there was (well, I remember buying ice cream at the end). Now there’s music in three spots plus special light shows along the way, and I hear there’s a smores firepit for after the ride and an opportunity to gaze at the stars through a telescope… it sounds spectacular!

You still ride the 6-mile loop in the moonlight, but now more of this section of the trail is paved, which makes it easier. And even if it’s a clear night, you’ll want lights on your bike so you can see the route — and those behind can see you, too.

Wonder if the lights on the spokes on my hybrid will still work? Maybe I’ll leave it to others to go all out in decorating their bikes.

Riders must be 12 or older (up to parents whether they want to haul younger kids in a carrier), and of course there’s a registration fee. (Costs to cover!)

Fun fact about the Lawrence Hopewell Trail: it turned 20 this year. Amazing that only a bit remains to be built; the most difficult sections, of course, but a boardwalk to replace what I consider the least pleasant road part could be under construction later this year. Just need that permit….

About alliumstozinnias

A gardener (along with the Brit) who has discovered there is more than hybrid tomatoes. And a cyclist.
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1 Response to Lawrence Hopewell Trail’s Full Moon Ride is back!

  1. Mark says:

    I’ll be there with my lit-up recumbent ! Never did the Full Moon Ride before but always wanted to.


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