Erie Canal bike ride day 2: A wet day from Buffalo to Medina

Today we coped with rain and grime. The best part of the day, though, came at the end.

This is not a photo Brian should see. He’s the guy who gives me grief over how filthy my bike gets.

Not that it has ever been this bad (I think). But the Erie Canal trail is mostly unpaved between Medina and Rochester city limits (maybe Monroe County), and we started out just as the rain began. Not a good combination.

If that wasn’t enough grime, here’s more:

Fortunately we timed our brunch break just as the mostly harmless drizzle turned heavier. So we took our time in the Brockport Diner. And when one of the riders is a bestselling author, well, there’s a surprise visit to the local independent bookstore to sign whatever copies are on hand. (Just find Jennifer Weiner on TikTok or your other favorite social media.)

The good part is that the rain was gone by the time we started the second half of the ride. The bad part is all that grit (plus mowed grass when I opted to dodge puddles that way) ended up all over my bike, including the space between tires and brake calipers.

We thought about how our hotel would not be happy … and probably wouldn’t have a hose.

But REI Rochester is right along the trail. Wouldn’t it have one? Thank you Joe for getting it out so we could wash down our bikes.

I know — this all sounds pretty miserable. But it actually was a great day. The trail is quiet — until Rochester, when you suddenly hear traffic again — and took us past small towns, giant turtles and hissing geese protecting their young from cyclists who just want to go by. Brockport was a wonderful surprise.

And check out this lovely view in Rochester:

But the best part of the day was seeing a friend I met before senior year in high school(!) who not only had us over for dinner but met us with cold drinks and then responded a bit later to our SOS to get my sister and her bike to a shop that was willing to fix a flat tire. And patiently waited at another bookstore. Oh, and we got to do laundry at her house. Thank you, thank you!

Author: alliumstozinnias

A gardener (along with the Brit) who has discovered there is more than hybrid tomatoes. And a cyclist.

5 thoughts on “Erie Canal bike ride day 2: A wet day from Buffalo to Medina”

  1. Rochester is my hometown – glad you enjoyed your trip through there! I’ve only biked the Erie Canal trail for a few miles on the east side of town. I’ll need to see more of it the next time I’m back!


    1. Just read through your Cap to Cap report. I opted not to brave the weather on a day trip. Hope to run into you somewhere around Maryland or Va.

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  2. Rain and mud are part of the adventure! My son and I start the C&O (Cumberland, MD to DC) on Sunday and can’t wait to have similar adventures. Stay safe and enjoy your journey!!


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