Day 5: 64 miles from St. Augustine to Daytona Beach, Florida

The sights and sounds of the fifth day of the 2018 edition of the East Coast Greenway’s annual Week-A-Year Tour.

99DDB2B3-C02E-4EE9-8F0B-84E05B0A7346The most memorable sound of day 5 of the East Coast Greenway’s Week-A-Year Tour: the boom from the SpaceX rocket launched this afternoon at Cape Canaveral that we heard (and felt the rumble) 60 miles away in Daytona.

Second sound of the day: the roar of the ocean, heard from the hotel room balcony. (If only it was warm enough to feel like we should be playing on the beach.)

Yes, we are in the spring break capital of America. And we are hearing that Daytona Beach wants to change its image, attract more people like .. us.  That would be adults on bikes.

The sights of the day? We missed seeing the rocket (or were those its smoke trails, rather than an airplane?) so I’ll have to say osprey with fish in their mouth, the salt water marshes and some unimpeded views of the Atlantic and crashing surf.

Much of our route today was on A1A, the main road down the barrier islands. It was busy out of St. Augustine, though with a nice shoulder, but it got quieter the further away we got. Plus we had some trails (though the use of concrete rather than asphalt throws me because it looks too much like a wider sidewalk). I’ll rate the beach town where we stopped for lunch — seafood, of course — as the nicest of the bunch and not ostentatious at all (followed by Ormond Beach close to Daytona). I’d definitely recommend eating at Flagler Fish Company. And there eventually will be some nice East Coast Greenway segments in this already laid-back town, as Paul, our enthusiastic Florida leader, explained to us.

I’ve discovered a new fish: wahoo, described as the  pork chop of fish because it’s so dense and cut in thick pieces. (You might know it as ono)


A couple of other sights from our detour through the salt marshes. Though I learned that gators generally stay away from salt water, so make of the sign what you will.

Finally, a safety message for all, spotted just outside St. Augustine. Remember, we lose if a two-ton vehicle strikes us, no matter how carefully we ride:


Here’s another rider’s take on our day. 

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