It’s always about the food when you’re on a bike trip

Fried? Seafood? Both? Here’s some of what I ate in Mississippi.

Getting out on your bike is just another excuse to try new foods — like that chicken on a stick I wrote about a few days ago.

In Mississippi, my food themes definitely involved fried or seafood, sometimes in the same dish. Somehow there were no signs for ice cream or homemade pie to tempt me along the Tanglefoot and Longleaf trails — and it’s so much easier to resist those at the end of dinner rather than in the middle of the afternoon.

I did discover comeback sauce — said to be called that because you keep coming back for more. It’s essentially a spicy mayo with a reddish tint because of ketchup and hot sauce and seems to be everywhere. There are no shortage of recipe variations, like this one, or this one with fewer ingredients.

Here’s more of what I ate:

Fried pickles and boiled shrimp in Ridgeland

fried pickles

Fried (not baked) brie with delicious tomato jam in Vicksburg

fried brie

Fried crawfish balls with comeback sauce in Vicksburg

crawfish balls

Chargrilled oysters and other seafoods in Hattiesburg

grilled oyster

Stuffed shrimp with a corn-tasso-and-more side in Hattiesburg

stuffed shrimp

Mississippi-style shrimp and grits in Long Beach:

shrimp and grits

Beignets in Biloxi:


And what I didn’t eat? Waffle House. We counted seven in one day, I’d say mostly over 15 miles along the beach.

Author: alliumstozinnias

A gardener (along with the Brit) who has discovered there is more than hybrid tomatoes. And a cyclist.

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