Day 3 — 43.2 miles from Fayetteville to Elizabethtown

Today was a fast ride to Elizabethtown.

ecg-dexter-cape-fear-wineryToday was all about getting to the charming¬†Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery in Elizabethtown for lunch. No trails today, just mostly quiet roads, though generally without a nice shoulder. Chris and I flew, averaging more than 15 miles an hour. Nice tailwind too. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this consistently fast.

But the group is already starting to scatter. Cheryl and her husband, Mike, who was driving the U-Haul with all our luggage, decided to head home to Florida and their home, a catamaran moored on a floating dock a few miles inland but still in the path of possible hurricane destruction. Kenny from Charleston was picked up by his wife — Charleston could get hit badly. Steve decided to take the most direct route to Myrtle Beach and get on a flight home to Connecticut tonight; he has a wedding to officiate on Saturday. After lunch, Kim hitched a ride back to Raleigh and will start his drive home to Vermont. And Chris, now reunited with his car, will head out tomorrow; he’ll wait out the storm from his brother’s home in Atlanta.

Here are those who have been with the East Coast Greenway’s Week-A-Year ride from the start:


Now with those who have made up the missing Maine gap:


One day I will have closed my remaining gaps.

The winery, on the southern outskirts of Elizabethtown, is pretty quirky. Celebrity art covers the walls, even in the bathrooms. I smiled at the Dr. Suess section.

ecg-celebrity-artThis miniature pony learned as a baby how to duck under the fence; he still roams free.


Among the other animals are a (free-ranging) chicken and some miniature donkeys.

ecg-winery-chickenAmong the other animals are a (free-ranging) chicken and some miniature donkeys.



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