Who are the riders?

WAY15 group photo

The people who join the East Coast Greenway’s annual ride are an amazing group.

Some are staff members, and several are on the board. But many of the others are local advocates with great stories to tell. My roommate, Donna, for example, heads a local group that is building “Air Line South”, a spur trail to the East Coast Greenway. (The northern section is part of the route). Why is it called Air Line Trail? The name comes from the old railroad line that was to connect Boston and New York by the shortest distance possible via New Haven.

Then there’s Steve Mitchell, who came with a fold-up bike that promptly had a mechanical problem that couldn’t be fixed, at least locally. So he bought a new bike in order to keep riding. It’s the 10th between himself and his wife, going back to the bike he rode cross-country in 1977. Here he is with his latest:

Steve Mitchell

By the way, Steve’s a big car dealer. You don’t have to like one or the other.

Another thing I love about this group is how low-key the riding is. No “teams” that are zipping by you in a pace line, intent on finishing early and then just sit around the hotel. No cliques.

That’s not to say I didn’t ride with a core group most days. And Bob, Ed with his Ed-rated banter and newcomers Sherri and Sue (plus their lipstick) were a great group. Looking forward to riding with all of you again next year!

Another question I got: when do we start riding? On our long days (those 70-milers), we started at 7:45 a.m. or so — once there’s plenty of daylight. Sometimes we have an event early in the day (a group photo for a newspaper, for example, or a meeting with a governor last year). We stop along the way, perhaps for lunch, perhaps for an event like the one in Lawrenceville for the Tobacco Heritage Trail. On shorter days, we were more inclined to sightsee early.

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