Day 3 – Quiet roads in rural Virginia from Petersburg to South Hill, Va.

72 sunny miles in rural Virginia

quiet roads2

A long but fabulous day: 72 miles on mostly quiet roads or trails. And sunny. What a contrast to Monday!

We cut Robert E. Lee’s last supply line as we headed south of Petersburg, leaving those chasing Lee and Grant’s ghosts to fade toward Appomattox while we headed southwest to South Hill.

This is rural southern Virginia, where towns have been left behind as the tobacco industry survives on life support and the interstate (I-85 in this case) saps their commercial life. Truly a case where a developed East Coast Greenway could bring some badly needed cash into these communities. We rode some of the time on U.S. 1. Where I live, it’s three scary lanes of traffic in each direction, and you’d be insane to bike on it. Here, traffic is insanely light.

My roommate and another rider had an encounter with some Confederates, clearly living in the past. You can read about it here.

We didn’t encounter anyone quite that, um, colorful. Here’s some of what we found along the route instead:

oct 6 2015 003

I decided that climbing to the top of this fire observation tower was foolhardy. Others went ahead.

pizza lunch

Mike, who is driving the U-haul with our luggage, surprises us with last night’s leftover pizza as we paused by the side of a road.

brunswick stew

Brunswick stew, allegedly first concocted in Brunswick County. I was told it’s supposed to be so thick that you can eat it with a fork.

tobacco trail welcome

A warm welcome (and massages) from Lawrenceville, on the Tobacco Heritage Trail.

maine to florida mile marker

This great East Coast Greenway sign spotted on the Tobacco Heritage Trail.

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