Time to fundraise

One part of this East Coast Greenway ride involves fundraising. Here’s the plea. Thank you for your support.

East-Coast-Greenway-logoOne part of this East Coast Greenway ride involves fundraising. Here’s the plea. Thanks to all who have already responded so generously. For everyone else, please consider supporting me and the East Coast Greenway.


Once again I’m doing a week-long bike ride for charity and like last year, it is for the East Coast Greenway, an amazing project to string together 2,900 miles of (generally paved) trails through major cities from the Canadian border in Maine down to Key West. Already 30% of the route is away from traffic (such as the D&R Canal towpath and Manhattan’s Hudson River Greenway), and another big chunk is on quieter roads.

Working with governments at all levels to close the gaps is a Herculean effort, but the benefits are enormous — for people young, old and in between, and for those who bike, walk, run .. even cross-country ski.

You can help close one gap just by signing this petition

I’ll be riding 325 miles over six days with about 40 other people, getting a first-hand look at the route from Fredericksburg, Virginia (where last year’s ride ended), to Raleigh, North Carolina. We’ll be paying our own way, so your tax-deductible donation goes straight to the East Coast Greenway Alliance. Everyone who donates at least $25 gets a one-year membership in the ECGA. All those in the New York area, that means there are some ECGA-organized bike rides in NYC that you can do without paying the usual free. I can tell you all about them.

I’ll once again be blogging the ride (and my training), and I hope you’ll follow along.

And you can donate online here.

Finally, should you know anyone who’d like to ride, send them my way!

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A gardener (along with the Brit) who has discovered there is more than hybrid tomatoes. And a cyclist.

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