Portland, Maine, to Hartford, Connecticut

This was a weeklong ride for the East Coast Greenway’s Week-A-Year group in 2012. Only I wasn’t part of it then. I’ve made up for it since, just not all at once.

Here’s how I did it:

Portland to Boston (OK, we went Boston to Providence) over 2 1/2 days (plus a day to see friends along the way). This part of the East Coast Greenway includes the developing Border-to Boston route.

Boston to Providence over 2 days, with an overnight in Worcester.

Providence to Willimantic through three out-and-back rides during COVID (and, unusually, camping. We’d had a plan to bike west from Providence, but who was going into hotels in 2020?). Here are the ride reports, going west to east.

Willimantic to Bolton Notch State Park (really, the other way) in 2016.

Bolton Notch to Hartford — the final 18 miles.

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